24 And 27 Club

This popped up on Facebook and for a moment I wondered if Curtis was in the 27 Club. But, no, he isn’t.
Ian Curtis would be 60 now, he died at 24 so not a 27 Club member.
Of the actual 27 Club members ~ Kurt Cobain would be 50. Jimi Hendrix, 75. Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison, 74. Amy Winehouse only 34.

For A Free Scotland!

Yes, run from Tory England as FAST AS YOU CAN, Scotland! And then, when there’s an INDEPENDENT SCOTLAND that is also still part of the EU, watch companies and personnel drain north of the border.

Face it, if you were a bank, where would you rather have an HQ ~ xenophobic, Brexit England or Free Scotland?

If Scotland goes indie, I’m gonna be very tempted to move my studio up there. I want to live in a European country, not Farage’s festering armpit.